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Deep Commercial Floor Cleaning Services in Phoenix, AZ

Revolutionizing Hard Floor Cleaning Solutions

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Deep Commercial Floor Cleaning Services in Phoenix, AZ

At Aether Facility Services, our commitment is to revolutionize hard floor cleaning with innovative solutions tailored for a variety of surfaces, including challenging tile and grout surfaces. Our expertise extends to providing high gloss, slip-resistant strip and wax services for vinyl, concrete, tile (VCT), and marble floors. We take pride in offering comprehensive commercial floor cleaning services, ensuring your floors not only look stunning but also stand the test of time.

Unleashing the Power of Commercial Floor Cleaning

Your facility’s flooring surfaces endure substantial traffic and are susceptible to wear and tear. Aether Facility Services understands the challenges, and our mission is to safeguard your floors with cutting-edge hard floor cleaning services. From deep cleaning to maintaining longevity, we go beyond conventional methods to enhance the beauty of your floors.

Precision in Every Detail

Most flooring is shielded with multiple layers of polymer or wax finish, creating a glossy, reflective coating that may require periodic enhancement or restoration through mechanical buffing. Over time, this protective film can wear out. With Aether Facility Services, you can trust our team of professionals to not only maintain the coating but also preserve the floor surface beneath. Our dedication lies in delivering high-quality hard floor cleaning services, ensuring a lasting impact on the aesthetics and durability of your floors.

Tailored Solutions for Your Flooring Needs

Whether you seek periodic deep cleaning or wish to integrate these services into your regular contract, Aether Facility Services has you covered. Our team is equipped to address the unique requirements of various flooring surfaces, including vinyl, tile, and more. Count on us to provide the solutions you need, precisely when you need them.

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Timely Completion:

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Customized Solutions:

Tailored plans ensuring cleaning meets your unique requirements.


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"EZ Spaces Coworking in Gilbert has been so pleased with the Aether Facility Services and team that we have switched all of our business needs solely to this company – they really do it all"

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Darby EZ Spaces Coworking

"We utilize Aether Facility Services for deep cleaning projects as well as day-to-day maintenance and beautification. They have always been quick to respond and stand by their work 100%"

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